**Living in a Winter Wonderland**

We certainly do live in a winter wonderland. Ever since Christmas break it seems we have been covered in big fluffy blankets over and over and OVER again. I admit I do love the snow. My kids enjoy playing around in it and I love to drive around in it. The beginning of this year has been a crazy one for sure. Mary finally had her performances of "Chicago" in the first two weeks of February after many many hours and weeks of rehearsing. Everything went well and we all enjoyed her performance. Eric continually works hard every week and we are proud of his commitment to Big Y. I now am not allowed to shop at "Stop and Slop" ;) but sometimes I sneak it if I throw the bags away before Eric sees them. Holly Mary, and Nathan have been working hard in school so this February break was much deserved. We were very lucky to have Alyssa and Bryson visit us for a week and half. We are all counting down the days before we can see them again and Ben too of course! Just a day ago we found out Mary got accepted to BYU for the fall 2011 semester. We are all very excited and now she is starting to apply for jobs to help raise money. Chris and Chris Jr. are both still working at ING and even carpool sometimes. Lastly, Laiz has been preparing to leave for Brazil for a month. We will miss her and Jacob so much. It may be chilly outside but the moments we spend together as a family warm all our hearts :-)
These are the kids in a hole Chris Jr. and Eric have been digging

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  1. Yeahh!!! YOu wrote a post mom (or should I say Mary)- great job :)I love it!! Can't wait for many more! Love you, miss you and can't wait to see you again! ♥